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It's an innovative way to contour your body shape by freezing unwanted fat away with no surgery or downtime.

The treatment just takes 60mins, its deliver a -9 °C cooling energy into a fat layer, cooling energy selectively works subcutaneous fat cell. Fat cells are gradually eliminated through natural metabolism process.

New 360° surround cooling method by Patented CLATUU technology transfers targeted cooling energy thoroughly to the treatment area and also delivers faster energy through its higher cooling conductivity.

Brilliant cool4D cooling technology maintains its cooling temperature stable and equal to enhance treatment result and decrease treatment time.

Ideal exposure of -4°C cooling energy for non-invasive fat reduction is known as apoptosis. Apoptosis is a form of natural cell death which works to the elimination of fat cells without any damage into the surrounding area. The treatment can effectively make the fat layer thinner 22%, a few weeks later.

Non-invasive cooling exposure with vacuum suction freezes fat cells for size reduction of fatty area of the body. Direct contact of cooling plate makes the skin relax and enhance it’s return to normal after invasive treatment.

Apoptosis is a form of natural cell death which works to the elimination of fat cell with out any damage!

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